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The first ultra cold atom in National Central University

At Comblaser LAB S4-415, 2023 05 / 22 AM 6:49

"Comb laser, as one of the most sexy light sources in comtempary, simutenously yields high resolution in femtosecond scale and optical clock level, dual advantages of wideband and high coherence, since that a new door was opened for us to play in the beautiful garden of science"


About us

Our laboratory is in the field of so-called AMO (atomic, molecular and optical science), especially focus on high-precision measurement. We built up our own laser system for laser stabilization to atomic transition, that is the reason that students in our laboratory in general know about laser physics and electronics. Judgeing from our recent publications, you can find that we are able to offset lock laser frequency to sub-mini Hz level and we are able to build up secondary optical clock. Comb laser technology, which was appreciated by the Nobel committee at 2005, is the unique feature of our laboratory in Taiwan. Recently we collaborate ith Japan gravitational wave observatory (Kagra) for a project of “photon calibrator”, by using comb laser technology.

Laser System

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Professor Email : wycheng@ncu.edu.tw


Address: S4-417, No. 300, Zhongda Rd., Zhongli District, Taoyuan City 320317, Taiwan (R.O.C.)