884 nm system of laser stabilization and scanning

Schematic diagram of 884nm system (not the real setup
Fig. Solidwork of vaccum system

The system uses a single laser light source and uses an acousto-optic modulator(AOM) to achieve laser frequency stabilization and scanning. After the power of 884 nm laser generated by ECDL is amplified by Tapered-amplifier (TA amplifier), the laser is separated to 2 beams by PBS. One of them is frequency modulated by double-pass AOM, and the other remain unmodulated. After that, we shot these two beams against each other into Cs cell 1 and use PMT to receive the transition signal. Then we send the transition signal to lock-in amplifier to demodulate the derivative signal and use PI Loop to feedback control PZT to reach frequency stabilization. After passing through Cs cell 1, the unmodulated laser is sent into another AOM, by PBS, to do the frequency compensation, and finally send to Cs cell 2. We will get the same transition spectroscopy as we see inf Cs cell 1 by changing double-pass AOM’s central frequency.