852 nm system

In 852 nm system, we use two laser sources. One is master laser and the other is slave laser. For master laser, we let the laser light pass through the AOM to derive the saturated absorption spectroscopy, and then by EOM to derive the frequency modulated signal. With this signal, we can use frequency locking system to lock the master laser frequency. After that, we use offset locking system to lock the slave laser frequency with a frequency offset compared with the mater laser. Then we introduce the frequency-locked slave laser into the MOT for cooling down the Cs atom. Besides, by tuning the frequency offset, we can also scan the slave laser frequency

FPGA and LabVIEW application

To fulfill the automatic control of the MOT, we plan to` combine FPGA and LabVIEW and apply them into the experiment. The basic idea is to use FPGA to generate many signal trigger that has special time interval between each other. After receiving this certain trigger signal series, the program in LabVIEW will determine how to change laser’s properties, or to set when to activate camera’s shutter or to control other component.